What better way to find out all about syphilis than by watching our new video series? These five short videos tell you everything you need to know about syphilis. They cover all the important issues including how to recognise symptoms, how to test for it, and how to treat it. Watch and share with your friends!
Syphilis: the series
Syphilis: the series
Episode 1 – The Symptoms
All you need to know about the most common symptoms of syphilis.
Episode 2 – Testing
Find out how to test for syphilis, including where to go and what testing involves.
Episode 3 – The Treatment
Tested positive for syphilis? This video explains all the steps for getting treated, and the different treatments available.
Episode 4 – Telling People
Found out you have syphilis? It's time to tell everyone you've had sex with. This video helps you know the steps to take.
Episode 5 – Living with HIV
Living with HIV? Syphilis can affect you in different ways. Find out more in this video.