Not everyone with syphilis has symptoms. Having regular sexual health check-ups will help to diagnose syphilis if you have no symptoms.

If you have symptoms of syphilis – or if a sexual partner has told you they have syphilis – make an appointment at a sexual health clinic as soon as possible. Most clinics will offer an immediate appointment in these circumstances.

In the UK, NHS sexual health clinics offer free and confidential syphilis tests. They’ll also provide testing for other STIs, and vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B and HPV.

You can visit any clinic – it doesn't have to be your local one. Click on the links below to find a clinic in your area:
Northern Ireland

If you’re living with HIV, ask for a syphilis test at your next HIV treatment appointment. You can also visit a sexual health clinic for STI testing in between your HIV treatment visits. If you’re having lots of sex, it’s recommended to test for STIs at every 3 months.

If you don’t have symptoms of syphilis, some parts of the UK also offer free NHS STI testing by e-service. These include:
Sexual Health London

If you’ve previously had syphilis, check that the e-service test kits are suitable for you. Some e-service kits can’t differentiate between new syphilis infections in individuals and infections that have already been diagnosed and treated. All e-service kits listed above are able to, unless otherwise stated.

In the UK, NHS sexual health testing and treatment services are free to everyone. Whilst a postcode has to be given, no identification documents have to be shown. The service is free and confidential to everyone, regardless of residency or immigration status.


Where to test in other parts of the world:

The Los Angeles LGBT Center's HIV/STI Testing locations and information:

Your sexual health is our priority at the Center, where you can always feel completely comfortable discussing whatever factors may be influencing your wellness. And should you test positive for HIV or any other STIs, you’re able to receive immediate care and treatment from us.

We encourage sexually active people to get tested every three months. To schedule an HIV/STI test, please visit SexualHealth.LGBT or call 323-993-8990 and press option 3 or 213-462-1468. Please call to schedule an appointment before visiting, if possible.

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