In the UK, treatment for syphilis is free through NHS sexual health clinics.
In most cases, syphilis is treated with an injection of antibiotics into the buttocks. Most people with syphilis will need one dose. If someone has had syphilis for a long time, they may require treatment across several weeks.
If an injection can’t be given, then a course of antibiotic tablets can be given instead.

If you have syphilis, the sooner it is diagnosed, the easier the treatment is. Delaying testing and treatment for syphilis means the treatment takes longer and can be more complex. Delaying treatment also means that syphilis can do more damage to the body.

If you’ve been diagnosed with syphilis and have received treatment, you can still pass syphilis on for at least 2 weeks after completion of that treatment. Avoiding sex for 2 weeks after treatment will prevent you from passing it on.

In the UK, NHS syphilis treatment is free to everyone. Whilst a postcode has to be given, no identification documents have to be shown. The service is free and confidential to everyone, regardless of residency or immigration status.